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Subcutaneous therapy with Omalizumab (Xolair®)

Subcutaneous therapy with Omalizumab (Xolair®)


How works Xolair?

The active substance of Xolair, Omalizumab, is an antibody against the endogenous immunoglobulin E (IgE). Omalizumab can reduce the amount of endogenous IgE after its administration and/ or block the effect of IgE on certain cells, such as mast cells. This leads to a reduction of histamine release. Histamine is responsible for a dilatation of the blood vessels, swelling, redness and itching of the skin and allergic inflammation of the bronchia in allergic asthma.

As soon as the amount of histamine is reduced, the itching, redness or swelling and the allergic inflammation of the bronchia will decrease or disappear. The binding of Xolair to the endogenous IgE reduces or prevents the activation of the mast cells, which reduces the symptoms.  

How is Xolair administrated?

Xolair will be given once every 3-6 weeks in our medical practice. The recommended dose for Xolair in patients with chronic urticaria is 300mg and will be administered in 2 injections with 150mg under the skin (subcutaneous), in general in the upper arm. An adaptation of the dose and / or interval could be done by the allergologist if the therapy is successful. In patients with allergic asthma the dose is depending on the body weight and the amount of total IgE and will range between 75mg and 600mg.

How long will the therapy with Xolair take?

The decision of the duration of the therapy will be taken by the allergologist. In general, the duration will take at least one year. If the symptoms recur a new start of the therapy with Xolair may be necessary.

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