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Specific immonotherapy

An allergy (against pollen, house dust mites, molds, bee/wasp) can be treated with a specific immunotherapy. The allergen will be injected in increasing amounts in the subcutaneous fat of the upper arm. The increasing phase will take 8-9 weeks usually and the injections will be weekly during this time. In addition, for non-seasonal allergens the injections must be continued monthly during the whole year. All kind of immunotherapies must be performed for at least 3 years in total.                                                      

After the injection the patient must stay in the doctor’s office for 30 minutes to be monitored.

Following side effects are known:

Often: swelling, local rash, itching at the injection side.

Rare: Rhinitis, sneezing, general rash, breathing problems, circulation problems, gastrointestinal symptoms, allergic shock.

Immediately before and after the injections no sports or other physical activity should be performed.

During the ultrarush with bee or wasp poison multiple increasing doses will be injected on the first day (6 subcutaneous injections in increasing doses at the same day in intervals of 30 to 60 minutes, and a monitoring phase of 3 hours afterwards). This will take place in the day care clinic of the Triemli Hospital (a monitoring system as well as a doctor or a nurse will be in the same room during the whole procedure). An intravenous access will be installed in order to provide an immediate effect of the administered drugs in case of an allergic reaction. The following injections will be given 1, 3 and 7 weeks after the ultrarush in our doctor’s office. Afterwards a monthly injection at the doctor’s office of the pediatrician is possible.  

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